Exquisite Ant

I am super stoked and proud to be a part of this project.  I have a ton of respect for all the collaborators on this project and I'm honored to have my name on the same page as them.  The final animation for this project was a collaboration that took place over a 6 week period.  The project was instigated by School of Motion where I took an animation class called Animation Bootcamp (I recommend it to anyone wanting to push their animation skills to the next level).  The project was limited to alumni of the course.

The first 5 seconds of the animation was created by the studio Giant Ant.  The theme of the animation was mathematics.  Once the first five seconds of the project were created, all Animation Bootcamp alumni members had the opportunity to take the last frame and build another five second animation based on the same theme.  This process took place for four weeks with one alumni winner each week.  At the end of the competition, Giant Ant took my last frame to build out the last five second animation.  To top it all off, Antfood created an awesome soundtrack to bring the compliment the animations.

If getting a chance to create an animation with this amazing group of people wasn't enough, RedGiant hooked up all the winners with the Trapcode Suite 13.  Thank you RedGiant!

You can take a look at the entire project file created by all the participants by going to: http://www.schoolofmotion.com/exquisiteant/


GIANT ANT (giantant.ca)
(Beginning & End)
Directed By: Giant Ant
Produced By: Cory Philpott
First Part Design: Rafael Mayani
First Part Animation: Jorge Canedo Estrada
Final Part Design and Animation: Henrique Barone
Final Part Compositing: Matt James

SCHOOL OF MOTION (Middle 4 Sections)
Nol Honig (drawingroom.nyc/)
Zach Youse (zachyouse.com/)
Josef Atlestam (vimeo.com/josefatlestam)
Kevin Snyder (That's Me!)

Sound Design by ANTFOOD (antfood.com)
Sweet Prizes by RED GIANT (redgiant.com)