Motion Corpse

I had the opportunity to collaborate with 4 other motion graphics artist to create a short animation through Motion Corpse. The concept is simple, but the execution can push your work in new directions. Each artist has a week to create a single frame. That one frame will be the last frame for each of the respected artists. Then, the last frame is given to a different artist in the group to be their first frame.

Project Flow Chart

Designed and Animated by:
Kevin Snyder (That's Me!) 00:02 - 00:07
Jane Chiou 00:07 - 00:12
Kalika Sharma 00:12 - 00:17
Peter Meng 00:17 - 00:22
Tom Winnicki 00:22 - 00:27

Music: "Metoxific Leverage" by Monima

If you would like to participate in a round of Motion Corpse, email or visit their Tumblr page at: